Bench to field

Our three steps to world-changing vaccines.

We discover and design new vaccines by looking at new technologies, antigens, and adjuvants. When we find something that works, we take it to the next step.

In development, we figure out how to consistently reproduce the vaccine. Along the way, the vaccine is bombarded by tests and trials to insure that it is effective and safe.

After international qualification and licensing, the vaccine is ready for deployment. We then travel to places hit hardest by these diseases to analyze its costs and benefits.

Diseases We Fight

Three tiny microbes that cause massive human misery.


A few of our scientists

Working at IVI headquarters and around the world.


Acting Program Leader - Dengue

"In addition to working for the greater public good, I am proud to work for an organization that was built based on such a compelling vision."


Associate Research Scientist - Typhoid

"The future of humanity lies in the hands of the children, too many of whom suffer from the diseases that IVI develops vaccines for."


Associate research scientist - Cholera

"Working on vaccines at the International Vaccine Institute is the most fulfilling mission I've ever been involved in."

Jae Ouk

Associate Research Scientist - Cholera

“I like my job because my research in the vaccine field can make greater contributions to human society”.

About our budget

A breakdown of how your donations are spent.


IVI Program Service Info



A full three quarters of our budget pays for things like translation research, field site research, our scientists and our partners at field sites as well as test tubes, lab coats, chemicals, and a thousand other things.

IVI Management Info



This part of the budget goes towards utilities, maintenance, and our management team, which provides the back-end support to keep IVI running.

IVI Communication Info



A small but essential part of any organization, this part of the budget pays for websites, newsletters, public outreach, fundraising and advocacy.


You feel good - we keep working.